Mock interview reflection

  1. I felt like I had all the power and it felt very easy and relaxing. Interviewing someone make me feel more nervous because they expect high quality answers and if you don’t exceed that you may not get the job.
  2. I didn’t feel nervous because I was getting interviewed by my friend and didn’t really feel like an actual job interview obviously. If it were a real interview i would for sure be nervous and be all over the place.
  3. I answered them confidently but I need to work on my grammar and how i would answer them. I think I could have done better on responding a little bit faster and simpler.
  4. The advice i would say is to not be nervous and answer you questions with confidence. I could improve by speaking with care and answering questions fast and with proper grammar.
  5. I learned that I need to answer with good answers that make sense to the person to who is interviewing me. I would dress business casual, I would behave like a responsible man and wait patiently for my interview.
  6. This class activity helped others to understand what a interview looks like. Don’t let students pair with friends because it takes away the purpose and won’t take it serious. It is a skill because you need good communication in life and maybe for your potential career.
  7. I am prepared for this position because I am a hard working, responsible, motivated boy ready work. I am not prepared for this position because I am lazy and don’t care about anything.

Job shadowing reflection

What did you learn from your presentation? – I learned that it takes hard to be a teacher and you need to have lots of responsibility.

How well do you think you did on your presentation? – I think i did decent but i needed to explain more.

What are some presentation techniques that can you incorporate into your next presentation? – I could put more emphasizes in my voice and feel more excited about presenting.

What if anything, could you have done differently to change the outcome of your presentation? –  I could’ve explained more slides better and make it easier to understand for the audience

I wish that i would have had a better a better score.

If i could present my presentation again i wouldn’t have done a screencast

Now that I have reflected on my presentation, I am satisfied with the grade i got and happy I passed.


Black History month

Michael Jordan did not become the best at basketball when he started walking. Michael had a hard time finding teams because he was not that tall, but this did not stop him there. This made him want to strive for more and greater things. When Michael was little him and his brother would do intense matches of 1v1 in their backyard, and every time his brother Larry would beat him. Larry was considered the true athlete of the family, Michael would be known as “Larry’s brother”, this inspired him to become better then his brother. In his junior year Jordan got cut from the varsity team and went down to JV. That season he was making 25-40 points a game and worked as hard as he could to do better every day. Michael let his failures and doubts motivate him and this led him to doing great things in college and is considered the best basketball player to ever play the game. He has won multiple championships, has appeared more then a dozen of All-star games and won around 3 MVPS all in the NBA. Now he does many donations and fundraisers in Chicago and his home town Charlotte, He now owns their professional Basketball team the Charlotte Hortents.

School uniforms

My social Issue is why should student wear school uniforms. This is a social issue because the majority of student who wear uniforms do like not like to wear them or have them. The school or district disagree because without uniforms there is multiple things that will distract student or other causes. My proposed solution is to let kids to wear whatever but there also has to be dress codes for certain clothing. This is the best solution because its a win win for everyone if they dress appropriately its all good, but if they don’t then there will be consequences. The pros of not wearing school uniforms is you get to be comfortable in your clothes that you bought. You don’t worry about having to buy other clothing just for school. The cons of wearing school uniforms is that some clothing may be inappropriate for school so there may be consequences. Also some student may get bullied or even distracted by their clothing, this could effect test scores and that will affect the school and district.

What are other pros and cons of my social issue?

Also what would you do if your school had school uniforms out of no where?


This item is supposed to be headphones. I mostly use headphones everyday for important things to make me entertained. I use Turtle Beach headphones when i am playing PS4 with my friends, to communicate and listen to the game. It makes a game changer to wear headphones. Also i use Beats by Dr. Dre to listen to music before a game or to watch YouTube videos. Some of my classmates made interesting things like a soccer ball and cleats, a face with a smile on it, they are all unique because they all kinda resemble me also, i love playing soccer and the sport and i always have a smile on my face. People don’t really think headphones are important, but they are. They keep loud noise from coming out your phone and only in your ears. Like for school, they are perfect to listen music with and to keep it quiet in the classroom for nobody could be distracted. Music usually comes out of my headphones to pump me up for some reason or just to relax and chill with my friends, or while i’m playing soccer it could change the mood and get everyone in a better one. Almost everybody has headphones because they are lifesaver. I asked my friends how they felt about them and they said they are the greatest purchase they’ve done. So for me headphones make my day good if i have them and bad if i forget them at home or don’t charge them.

Building a wall

In this article “Should the U.S. build a wall along the southern border?” it explains how Donald Trump wants to build a wall across the whole border of Mexico. Some people say it is impossible to build because there is mountains and uneven terrain. It will also be hard because illegal immigration declined significantly since the 2008 financial crisis. There are other polls to this specific to56%pic, like some people want to not have a physical wall they want a more high tech security border. Other yes comments say that mexico should pay for because they are the ones letting the drugs and stuff pass by. On the no side people think it would cost to much just for a border, so it wouldn’t be worth it. a 3% vote says no wall but more security to the border which is a better idea then spending almost 1 billion dollars. Unfortunately the yes side had 56% of the poll so more people just wanna see the USA wasting money.