School uniforms

My social Issue is why should student wear school uniforms. This is a social issue because the majority of student who wear uniforms do like not like to wear them or have them. The school or district disagree because without uniforms there is multiple things that will distract student or other causes. My proposed solution is to let kids to wear whatever but there also has to be dress codes for certain clothing. This is the best solution because its a win win for everyone if they dress appropriately its all good, but if they don’t then there will be consequences. The pros of not wearing school uniforms is you get to be comfortable in your clothes that you bought. You don’t worry about having to buy other clothing just for school. The cons of wearing school uniforms is that some clothing may be inappropriate for school so there may be consequences. Also some student may get bullied or even distracted by their clothing, this could effect test scores and that will affect the school and district.

What are other pros and cons of my social issue?

Also what would you do if your school had school uniforms out of no where?

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