Mock interview reflection

  1. I felt like I had all the power and it felt very easy and relaxing. Interviewing someone make me feel more nervous because they expect high quality answers and if you don’t exceed that you may not get the job.
  2. I didn’t feel nervous because I was getting interviewed by my friend and didn’t really feel like an actual job interview obviously. If it were a real interview i would for sure be nervous and be all over the place.
  3. I answered them confidently but I need to work on my grammar and how i would answer them. I think I could have done better on responding a little bit faster and simpler.
  4. The advice i would say is to not be nervous and answer you questions with confidence. I could improve by speaking with care and answering questions fast and with proper grammar.
  5. I learned that I need to answer with good answers that make sense to the person to who is interviewing me. I would dress business casual, I would behave like a responsible man and wait patiently for my interview.
  6. This class activity helped others to understand what a interview looks like. Don’t let students pair with friends because it takes away the purpose and won’t take it serious. It is a skill because you need good communication in life and maybe for your potential career.
  7. I am prepared for this position because I am a hard working, responsible, motivated boy ready work. I am not prepared for this position because I am lazy and don’t care about anything.

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